“Leon Valley is so fortunate to have such a caring, service oriented, and committed to excellence in all aspects of your curriculum school in our city.”


Mayor Chris Riley

City of Leon Valley



“I appreciate that the top concern at SST is what’s best for the student. You can see it in the variety of curriculum options, and the administration’s commitment to promote student success in the classroom through preparation and practice. There are many on-campus activities that showcase student talents, and participation in off-campus events that enrich study and make SST a fun place to learn.”  


Mr. Schweninger

English Teacher



“Their home visit was the most disarming yet heartwarming experience, as it reminded me of a time when doctors made home visits, and it helped my wife and me understand how  they  would  value  our  child,  which immediately  gained  our  trust.  This  is something that is extremely important to a sixth grade parent who's been asked to allow his child to go to Europe for two weeks.”-


Archie R. Wortham, Ph.D.